Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

Aceh earthquake

Aceh's 6.7 magnitude quake, the latest earthquake in Aceh and North Sumatra Shake - Previously there was an earthquake at 4.5 magnitude quake Tasikmalaya, Latest News and last night's earthquake Pangalengan earthquake measuring magnitude 6.7 rocked Aceh. The quake was also felt up to Medan, North Sumatra. Based on information from the website of the Meteorology and Geophysics (BMKG), the earthquake occurred at 00:55 GMT, Tuesday (06/09/2011). Coordinates of the earthquake was in LU 2.81 - 97.85 BT

Epicenter was 59 km north-east Singkilbaru-Aceh. Or 78 miles Southwest Kabanjahe, North Sumatra. The epicenter was at a depth of 78 km. BMKG earthquake record is not potentially cause a tsunami.

Information about this earthquake also delivered Fuad, a reader AFP. Medan residents felt shaking hard enough. "Medan was rocked by an earthquake at dawn," wrote New York Times Fuad via AFP. Aceh earthquake, aceh dempa 2011, aceh earthquake last night, aceh earthquake september 2011, september 06th date aceh earthquake, the earthquake on 06-09-2011. information so grief Aceh Earthquake 6.7 magnitude, the latest earthquake in Aceh and North Sumatra Shake

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