Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

Citarum watershed damage threatened 8 cities of West Java province

BANDUNG, - Environmental damage in the Citarum River Basin threatens the growth and development of the eight cities and regencies in West Java. Damage also affects the water supply in Jakarta and the power supply in Java and Bali.

It is said to be the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, and environmental experts, Emil Salim, in a national seminar entitled "In Defense Empowerment Areas Security Environment" in Bandung, on Tuesday (24 / 3).

According Heryawan, the role of the Watershed (DAS) Citarum is vital. River along the 269 kilometers and an area of ​​718,268 hectares provides livelihoods for eight cities and regencies in West Java. It is the Regency area and the city of Bandung, Kota Cimahi, Sumedang Regency, Cianjur Regency, Purwakarta district, Bogor regency, and district Khanewal. River basins is estimated at around 300,000 hectares of agricultural land and inhabited by 8.5 million people.
Citarum river basin also provides the main water supply for power plants in Java, Bali Saguling Reservoir, Cirata, and Jatiluhur. In addition, the Citarum river basin is also a source of drinking water for the capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta.
However, due to the factory and domestic waste pollution and the deforestation of the environment, DAS Citarum feared would only bring disaster to the surrounding area, such as flooding.

Therefore, the Governor called on all parties see this as a problem with either the provincial, city and county, civil and military. He asked for funds amounting to Rp 30 billion from the Budget Revenue and Expenditure Jabar is used properly for the preservation of the environment.

Not enough big money, but also commitment. For example the involvement of the initial search of seeds, planting, tree maintenance up. Often encountered, environmental conservation work is only half-heartedly, he said.
According to Emil Salim, the Citarum watershed damage is an indication of empowerment of poor communities in a region. Although Jabar highly dependent on the Citarum river basin, the surrounding community did not notice her condition. As a result, the environment only lead to disaster rather than welfare.

In the most extreme conditions, minimal attention in Citarum watershed in West Java to make the activity easier paralyzed. Stay Citarum destroy water sources on Mount Wayang then Jabar drought and its people will live in misery, said Emil.

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