Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

River Water Quality Declines Continues In South Sumatra

A number of District residents of West Ilir I assisted with the Indonesian Army and Administrator Naional Herton Romi Foundation Eceng mumps cleaning that meets the Red Creek Land, Western District of Ilir I yesterday.

Palembang - Palembang Environment Agency found a decrease in water quality in some children the Musi River. So water is no longer feasible in the consumption of cooked though.
"The results of our study some of the tributary water quality decline, can not be consumed by even though its already cooked, Except when it's processed first in the taps, so the bacteria is dead," said Head of the Pack Palembang City Living environment Abubakar. Decline in water quality in several tributaries was studied with a view of the four parameters of the study, ie, phosphate, sulfate, ammonia, and collicoloum. "It turns out that water quality is very low, a coarse eye alone, the water issuing bad smell and cloudy until the black," he explained.
Several tributaries studied by the Environment Agency is the city of Palembang, Aur River located in the Village Ulu 9-10, SU District I, Sekanak River. Then River weir in Sekip, and Lambidaro River. "Four of this river that we use for the sample since, including a fairly large tributaries and flows directly into the Musi River," he explained. The cause of the decline in water quality of this creek, he said, is caused by the disposal of household waste without going through screening.
"Domestic waste that pollutes the river itumisalnya sampahdapur, feces (kotoranmanusia), deterjendan others," he added. Later contributors to household wastes that directly flows into the Musi River is not only dominated by the Palembang people alone. According to him, there is also the local counties and cities in South Sumatra, which have a creek that empties into the Musi River. Solution of the government to address these water quality degradation, namely by building a domestic sewage treatment plants are placed in every neighborhood residents.
"We are currently designed can install a household sewage treatment plant before the waste is discharged into the creek," he said. For a wastewater treatment plant and solid waste, provided for 5-10 houses. "So, any kitchen home residents who installed the pipe directly connected to either the treatment plant effluent and solid wastes, when discharged into the creek, the waste is already clear and clean, "Abubakar said. Meanwhile, Assistant Regional Secretary II Palembang, Apriadi Busri urged the residents not to litter, especially in creeks and ditches.
"From now on we invite the community to work together to keep the environment clean especially the creeks, not to make the ecosystem in the river could be dead. We also appealed to citizens to cooperate cleaning times per week, "said Apriadi. Executive Director of Forum for Environment (Walhi) Sumsel Anwar Sadat admitted, if the water quality of creeks in Kilkenny continued to decline. "This condition could not be allowed, the government must find a solution, because the later will affect the quality of river water a day-to-day musi consumed by the people, "said Anwar Sadad.
If it is affecting the water quality of the Musi according to him it would endanger the health of entire communities. "It's not only affects the Musi River kesehatantetapiakanmembuat dirty so that its influence also on the social and tourism Palembang, South Sumatra has launched moreover Visit Musi," he explained. Government is responsible for correcting this condition, and emotion make great strides.
"At least the government should localize industries either small or large that dump waste into the child directly into Arau River Musi River," he explained. Maintaining the quality of the Musi River water a shared responsibility, but he should start by the government. "At least the government should not only reproduce the pier building, but also must create a green belt on the edge of the river Musi river, to prevent erosion of the Musi River," he added. Then, to cope with household waste which makes up the creek becomes dirty unfit for consumption.
He said he advised the government to make domestic sewage treatment plants. "Some of our neighboring countries like Thailand and the other could make the installation's why kitatidak, halituharussegeradilakukan before things get worse," he concluded

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