Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

flash Flood

MINAHASA SOUTHEAST-condition of residents in four villages in the district Posomaen, Southeast Minahasa, North Sulawesi hit by flash floods, very apprehensive. Due to the brunt of flash floods on Saturday last week, dozens of homes razed to the ground. Hundreds of other homes damaged and is still under water and mud.

Some residents in one of the worst affected village, the village of Makalu, on Wednesday (07/09/2011) this morning started cleaning the mud in their homes. Height of sludge reached 20 centimeters in the house.

Besides mud, floods also bring wood and garbage. Recorded in the village of Makalu at least 13 houses were swept away to the ground, 62 damaged, and 183 flooded. In the village of South Makalu, 17 houses washed away, 62 damaged, and 172 flooded.

One resident whose house collapsed, Marco Pondaag, said he did not get to save property because of floods come suddenly. Since the incident Marco and her husband immediately took refuge in emergency camps set up local governments.

This area is not the first time hit by flash floods. Each year the river that crosses the village of Makalu Posomaen often overflowed and caused casualties. But the flood of time is fairly powerful than before.

Governor of North Sulawesi, Sinyo Sarundajang Hary, expect floods caused by deforestation. But it was still investigating the exact cause of flash floods

Current provincial government has distributed food aid and cash of Rp 100 million to meet the needs of the refugees.

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