Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Declining Water Quality in Jakarta Drastically

AKARTA - In commemoration of World Water Day, Environment Minister Gusti M Hatta, sad with the quality of the day in various regions in Indonesia. One of them in Jakarta Provincial whose quality has dropped dramatically.
Decline in water quality in Jakarta because of the exploration and exploitation in the form of excessive soil water suction. As a result, ground water becomes less and entered the sea water.
Therefore, do not be surprised if, in Jakarta groundwater was brackish. "Whereas in Jakarta existing local regulations regarding the prohibition of soil water suction. This is due to oversight regulation is still low."
This was revealed by Gusti when inaugurated Instalisasi Wastewater Treatment in Prison In the Bay II A, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.
Another example, namely a very high level of pollution in the River Martapura, South Kalimantan. When she was little, the riverbed is still he could see with the naked eye.
Therefore he could bathe in the river. In fact, the water can be used to brush teeth. "But that story first. Now the river (Martapura) is different," said Gusti who is also Professor of the University of Gastric Mangkurat.
Considers the issue of water is very complex. Could be because nature can also be due to human activity. For example, human behavior in using water that is not wise. "That should be able to use a bucket, it turns out using three buckets," he said.
Therefore, need a comprehensive effort to cope with water availability. First, make savings. Second, planting trees in the upstream. The goal, when rain falls, the rain water can be absorbed and enter the soil.
"With all the rain water in the soil and water it in. it will happen naturally purification of the rivers are dirty," he explained.
Third, innovation is necessary for water management. For example, the creation of waste water treatment outcome hospitality industry. That way, the waste water does not pollute groundwater hotel nearby. Fourth, the Regional Water Company must make improvements or virgin pipes are leaking. "Regional Water Companies often leak, this affection. There should be an intensive examination."
Gusti M Hatta also said, on World Water Day 2011, carrying the theme "Water for Cities, Responding to the Urban Challenge". This theme is the theme of the day if translated in national water into "Urban Water and Challenges".
World Water Day or World Water Day and are often referred to as the World Day for Water is celebrated every March 22. World Water Day is a day of celebration is intended to draw public attention worldwide (international) the importance of water for life and to protect water resources management in a sustainable manner.

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