Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011


Deforetasi threatened populations of wild chimpanzees Sierra Leone, which is the second largest population in West Africa.

Deputy Minister of Forestry, said Thomas Lovell, Sierra Leone was established as one of 25 places Protection of biodiversity and key priorities for primate conservation. But now the country's most severely damaged forests in Africa.

According to Thomas Lovell, repair of forest cover only about five percent over 100 years ago.

"The trees were felled for timber industry, agriculture and land clearing. Deforestation causes lowering functions of forests and soil erosion, "added Thomas.

Thomas judge, Sierra Leone already has laws to protect the natural wealth, but sanctions are applied very weak and lack human resources to make this law can not be enforced.

Bala Amarasekaran, program director at the Tacugama chimpanzee protection, said the census results of 2010 show there are about 5500 chimpanzees, and most live outside protected areas.

That number doubled in 1981 than expected, meaning that while 75 percent of West African chimpanzees disappeared in the last 30 years, Sierra Leone's chimpanzee population has increased, said Amarasekaran.

Sierra Leone became the second country in West Africa, after Guinea, which has the largest population of chimpanzees. However Amarasekaran warned that number will drop if the destruction of forests can not be controlled.

In Sierra Leone law prohibits ownership of chimpanzees as pets. Parties in violation punishable by imprisonment up to five years.

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