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Instrusi seawater city Jakarta

Pdpersi, Jakarta - Seep seawater into the mainland, can not be denied, for this is still considered one eye by the people and government. In fact, although the impact is not felt directly as air pollution and noise, for the long term, the seepage of seawater into the mainland will lead to huge losses, both in terms of environment, health, and even economics.
Drs Drs HadikusumahMenurut Hadikusumah of Research and Development Agency (Balitbang) oceanography and the Center for Research and Development (Research) Oceanologi, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), when the meet in his office, Wednesday (11/10), although LIPI has been no research on how far inland the sea water seepage, but the estimated seepage of sea water along the coast of North Jakarta has reached into the region Monday and parts of Central Jakarta West Jakarta.
In fact, permeation of water into the inland sea known as the intrusion of this, should not be underestimated. The existence of pores of the hollow ground, causing sea water into land. It happened because the ground water that is pumped out too big and empty spaces or pores are filled by seawater. In effect, the water on land that had been fresh, becoming brackish.
Although the impact of intrusion will appear regularly and for long periods of time, if left alone, without any attempt to prevent it, of course, will cause huge losses for the community. It is conceivable, how large losses suffered economically because of seepage and erosion of sea water. Lands on the beach will be reduced and if dinominalkan, will be immense.
"Although until now there has been no data on these losses, but you can imagine how much money out when the soil is lost in the hundreds of kilometers due to erosion and leakage," said Hadi. Moreover, when viewed in terms of health and the environment. Not to mention the various diseases that might whack people who consume the brackish water.
Need Attention
Inevitably, according to Hadi, there should be serious attention from society, employers and the government itself, to overcome this intrusion of sea water. The community must understand the meaning of health. That is, the arising of consciousness to keep the environment clean. One way you can do is not throw garbage into the rivers. By piling garbage in the rivers, it will cause mud deposits. And silt-mud will be washed into the sea without being able to get into the ground.
For entrepreneurs, directorate, said Hadi, an awareness of the environment, especially for hotels which consume enough water. Many entrepreneurs hotel using artesian wells to meet water needs in hotels, whereas the use of these wells can make the soil inside the hole. This, of course lead to seepage of sea water.
And the most vital is the local government. According to Hadi, the government of Jakarta is proper to make strict rules about the use of groundwater. If you need hotel entrepreneurs are charged a very large contribution because of its impact is also very large.
In addition, Hadi added, the government needs to make or oversee the catchment areas, water catchment. Because if the water catchment area until disrupted water supplies will be reduced and the preservation of nature can be disturbed. In addition, he also suggested that the issue be submitted to the private waste management, waste management because all this is still not good.
Impact On Health
Then, how the effects of brackish water on the health of the community who use it? According to Lecturer Department of Biology Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences pengatahuan University of Indonesia (UI FMIPA), Dra Erlin Nurtiyani Msi, to via telephone, Wednesday (11/10), using brackish water for consumption and other activities such as bathing, can detrimental to health. Because brackish water contains NaCl (Sodium Chloride) is high and can interfere with the metabolism that occurs in the human body.
"The use of brackish water for consumption can cause a person exposed to stomach ailments like diarrhea. Meanwhile, when used for bathing, can trigger the appearance of skin diseases, such as hives. For the longer term, it is not impossible people who consume the brackish water will be a serious disease because of impaired metabolism and impaired sensitivity to receive the body of brackish water containing salt, "said Erlin.
Well, the problem, said Erlin, today many people are still entangled in the economic crush. How do they want to think about health or the environment if their daily needs have not been fulfilled. They are more concerned with their daily needs than to buy fresh water for drinking and bathing. They can drink anything and bath water is not regularly provided for their daily needs that exist. Over time they are used and their body is immune to the germs that are inside.
To overcome these problems, back again on the role of government and institutions-governmental organizations (NGOs). How to help the community - especially among the not able to - get out of trouble. The trick, according to Erlin, by making the wells or new pumps free of charge and provide counseling, counseling them about the impact of the use of brackish water. "If the government and NGOs actively participate then these difficulties can be minimized," said Erlin.

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