Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Surabaya River Water Quality Down!

Surabaya - Surabaya River Water Quality and the region downstream of the Brantas River has decreased from class I to class II.

"The decline in water quality in Surabaya River and the Brantas River due to high pollution, either by industrial waste and domestic waste (household)," said Secretary of Perum Jasa Tirta I, Vonny C Setiawati, in Surabaya, on Tuesday.

He mentioned the household waste that pollute the Surabaya River and the Brantas River has reached 60 percent, 30 percent of industrial waste and agricultural wastes 10 percent.

Previously, water Surabaya River and the Brantas River categorized as Class I raw water suitable for consumption. However, the presence of contamination, the quality of river water decreased to grade II, so it is not suitable for consumption.

"The quality of water that can not be restored. However, there is a little help, one of them by doing patrols to suppress the load of waste water from industry," he said.

Vonny acknowledge the existence of team-member Air Patrol personnel Jasa Tirta, the Environment Agency and the NGO Consortium Java Environment is helping improve water quality.

"If the first is still a lot of complaints from river water users such as taps, now that the complaint has been reduced," he said.

Therefore, he hoped the patrols would not only be in Surabaya River or downstream Brantas, but also in the upper Brantas and Solo are also many industries there.

Meanwhile, Secretary of BLH East Java, Lucianingsih, said it had to guide the 73 industries that had been throwing waste into the river.

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